Best 5 treadmills in India 2020 with review and comparison

Best 5 treadmills in India 2020 with review and comparison

So In this article, we will show you the “most wished treadmills” and “Best 5 treadmills in India 2020” with review and comparison which will help you in finding the best treadmill for your workout.

Best 5 treadmills in India 2020

NameReviewBuy Now
MAXPRO PTM405 2 HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill4.4/5check on amazon
Fitkit FT098 series 1.5HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with free diet & Fitness Plan4.3/5Best 5 treadmills in India 2020
Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 2 HP Peak Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill4.2/5check on amazon
MAXPRO I M 5001 1.5HP (3HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with 12 present program4.2/5check on amazon
Cockatoo Velocity steel DC motorized Treadmill (Free Installation Assistance)4.2/5check on amazon

If you are Buying a treadmill the thinks that you should keep in mind are:-

  • First, you should now the purpose of buying the treadmill means that you have to run on a treadmill or simple walk because or you want a motorized treadmill or manual treadmill.
  • And select your price range. Forex:- You have a budget of 15000 Rupees you want to buy under 15000 Rupees only.
  • And the third thing is you should know about the motor of the treadmill
  1. For Walking – 1.5 CHP or above
  2. Jogging – 2.5 CHP or above
  3. Running – 3.0 CHP or above
  • The maximum track size of the treadmill for running, jogging and walking is (L x B) (43.3 x 15.3)
  • Additional features that motorized treadmill should have
  1. Auto Incline
  2. Heart rate monitor
  3. Pre-defined workout plans
  4. Other add-ons

So as now you world is facing the big problem like Covid-19 it is dangerous for us to go to the GYM for workout so you can buy the treadmill for you home if you can afford it.

And if you can’t afford the treadmill and you want to workout you can buy a step machine which helps you in weight and make you fit just click on the step machine and it will take you to my other article from where you can buy it. And there is also one mini elliptical stepper for home workout.

Treadmills Under 15000 Rupees

NameReviewBuy Now
Lifeline 4 in 1 deluxe manual treadmill with twister, stepper & 3 levels inclination3.5/5Check the Price
Fitkit FK95 Manual Treadmill With Free Installation and easy foldable3.5/5Check the Price
Kobo Manual Treadmill ( Imported )4.2/5Check the Price
Lifeline LFMANTRD4-2 Treadmill (Black)3.8/5Check the Price
Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual treadmill3.4/5Check the Price

These are the 5 manual and motorized treadmill under 15000 Rupees you can buy it for home.

Top Best Seller Treadmill for home and Gym

1.Healthgenie 3911M 1HP (2.5HP peak) Foldable motorized treadmill

Best 5 treadmills in India 2020

Healthgenie is the best treadmill for home. Motor power of this treadmill is 1.0 HP DC motor (2.5 HP at peak).


  • Best for home use.
  • The running surface of the treadmill is (L*B) (1100 mm * 395 mm).
  • And the maximum user weight 100 kg
  • LED display shows time, distance, speed, calories burned, Heart Rate, Mp3 speaker, Aux Port, and Aux cable.
  • It has a wheel for east transportation and power noiseless motor.
  • Super shock reducing function.
Best 5 treadmills in India 2020

2. PowerMax Fitness TDA – 230 2HP (4HP peak) Motorized Treadmill with free installation Assistance

Best 5 treadmills in India 2020


  • 5 bright blue LCD display for checking speed, time, distance, calories, and heart rate.
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 115 kg.
  • Speed 1.0 – 14.0 km/hr with speed select hotkey.
  • 0 HP DC Green efficient Motor.
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 3 years motor warranty, and 1-year parts & labor warranty.
  • It has built-in speakers.
  • Quiet energy-saving motor.


3.FitKit FT098 series 1.5HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill with Free Diet & fitness plan


  • The treadmill has a 1-year warranty on motor and manufacturing defect, 3 years warranty on frame.
  • Free p[ersonal dietitian (3 months) and personal training video session along with doctor consultation for all fit kit, treadmill users.
  • And the maximum user weight capacity is 90 kg.
  • You connect the treadmill with the fit plus app available on android and IOS. It helps you to track your daily workout.
  • The box contains 1 treadmill, toolkit, user manual, and warranty card.
Best 5 treadmills in India 2020

Best Selling Products

These are some of the best selling products which are most recommend by the people. So hurry up Buy Now and start your workout.

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