Cockatoo Dumbbell Set

Cockatoo Dumbbell Set

  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for a professional muscle builder
  • Cockatoo logo printed
  • Metal integrated hex dumbbells
  • Double-stitched with a metal bar
  • Inbox: 1 pair dumbbell
  • Sales Package: 1 kg x 2 dumbbells
  • Material: Steel
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Pair Dumbbells


Cockatoo Dumbbell Set

Build your strength at home with the “Cockatoo Dumbbell Set”.

Product Highlights

  • Rubber-coated dumbbells resist daily wear and tear
  • Unique Hex shape keeps them from rolling away
  • Weight is ideal for various purposes
  • Durable

From the producer

Elastic covered Hex Dumbbells by Cockatoo shape your arms with the best free weight

In the event that you need to shape your arms without harming yourself,  you have to utilize the correct hardware. These elastic-bound iron free weights are amazingly even to guarantee that you have a productive weight-instructional course. Their one of a kind development guarantees positive exhibition. The embellished brand logo on one side adds to the selective look. The handlebar between the loads is furrowed, which assists with giving you a slip-safe perfect for the two experts and customary wellness devotees.

Elastic Protected development

The elastic covered development of these free weights loans sufficient sturdiness for long haul use. In addition, the thick elastic covering likewise guarantees that there are no harms to the surface that you are putting them on. The padding makes harsh situations and taking care of results at all measures of effect.

One of a kind shape

These free weights arrive in extraordinary hexagonal shape. This shape assumes a key job in fending your free weights from moving off when you put them down on any surface. Hex loads are the most ideal decision for sets that include exchanging between practices rapidly, as you can put them down and get them inside minutes without losing them.

Furrowed Handlebars

The mental extension situated in the middle of the loads goes about as a protected hold for the client. This can be owed to the furrowed structure, which guarantees that the danger of inadvertently losing your grasp while working out and harming yourself is consistently at any rate.

Perfect for exercise center and home

not exclusively do these hexagonal free weights make perfect increments to an expert rec center, yet they additionally offer a magnificent method to turn out to be at home. This makes these loads perfect gear for the individuals who scarcely discover an opportunity to make a beeline for an exercise center.

Gives a flexible exercise

These elastic covered free weights come in helpful loads of 2kg per unit. This weight loans it a fantastic measure of adaptability, as these are the ideal overhauls from fledglings’ weight instructional meetings. The weight is additionally perfect to use in various schedules.

A decorated brand logo offers certainty

These hand weights accompany the name of the maker emblazoned on one side. This does considerably more than adding a feeling of selectiveness to the loads. It gives the client the certainty of utilizing a gear that the producer gladly holds on.

Benefits of the Cockatoo Dumbbell Set

  • You can use it anywhere like the gym, home, etc.
  • Best for your muscle building.
  • It is a 1 pair dumbbell.
  • The material used is steel.
  • It is double stitched with a metal bar.







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