A1 Solution A101 Exercise Gym cycle

A1 Solution A101 Exercise Gym cycle

  • Now you can track your calories in an LCD tracker
  • Now you can do your workout at any place at your according to your comfort
  • You can do a complete body workout it increases your upper body endurance, strengthens the lower body
  • Body part targeted are thigh, arms, legs, belly
  • This bike comes with a user-friendly tracker with an interactive LCD that tracks your time, distance covered, speed achieved, and calories burned as you exercise.  


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A1 Solution A101 Exercise Gym cycle

If you want to lose weight then you have to do cardio but the excuse which people make that they don’t have time to go running. But now if you really want to lose your weight at home then you should have to do workout and now for your convenience, there are many cardio types of equipment which you can buy and do your workout at home only like, a treadmill, exercise bike, step machine, elliptical machine, etc. But for this article, we will show you the best Exercise Gym cycle which you can buy it for your home also.


  • You can track your workout in it with the help of an LCD tracker.
  • It comes under the best home equipment.
  • It increases your upper body endurance and, strengthens the lower body.
  • You can adjust the seat according to your comfort because it has an adjustable seat.
  • Target various muscle groups like Arms, thighs, legs, buttocks, calf, and abdominal.
  • It has a smooth wheel and a strong & sturdy base.
  • It has the resistance Knob
  • And the handles are with the firm grip.
  • The bike has no-slip paddles and a digital display to track your workout you can know that how much calories you have burnt and how much distance you have covered as well as time also.

I will not tell you that it is an easy way of losing weight because If you want to lose weight you have to work hard for it but I can say that it is a simple way because you don’t have to go anywhere for the workout you can do it at home and no trainer will pressure you for doing it you can do it according to your comfort.

So it is the best way of doing exercise if you don’t have much time for doing the exercises. 


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