Kobo lifting Gloves with wrist support

Kobo lifting Gloves with wrist support

  • Leather Front Plam
  • Padded front Palm
  • Soft material backhand for sweat ventilation
  • Spandex at back for comfortable fitting
  • Comfortable
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Kobo lifting Gloves with wrist support


Kobo lifting Gloves with writs support are best gym gloves for weight lifting. It has a leather front palm or padded front palm and has soft material backhand for sweat ventilation.


  1. Gloves by Kobo – safely protect your hand
  2. Leather Palm
  3. Velcro Closure
  4. Palm Padding

1. Gloves by Kobo – safely protect your hand

One of the best weight lifting gloves improves your grip on weights. Get rid of your sweaty hands during a workout or biking. Feel the comfort of the gloves and get better on everything.

2. Leather Palm

This the multi-purpose gloves apart from using these gloves at the gym you can use it in biking also. it can play the role of biking gloves too. And the front part of the gloves is of leather material. It is recommended as a protective tool to prevent cuts or any kind of chemical spillage and it saves you from dangerous while on a road trip or at the gym.

3. Velcro Closure

These gloves with Kobo comes with velcro straps. You can wrap it tightly around your wrist and gain more stability. This can prevent wrist injuries too.

4.Palm Padding

The front palm padding of the gloves gives a better grip while doing exercises of lifting weight. its padded shield protects the palm and lowers the risk of injuries. It is ideal for powerlifting and daily gym routines as the padding provide proper cushioning to the palms.

Questions that people ask

Question: This suitable for children age 12-13?

Answer:    They are good for cycling. Choose size s for the children below 9 and for above 9, measure hand size and decide. A size chart is available in some other glove link. I guess, M will do for most suitable for 12-13 old kids.

Question: Is the leather or synthetic?

Answer:    It is real leather.

It’s not leather.

It’s synthetic.

There is 3 answers to the customer om the same product.

Question: Are washable? If yes then machine qaah or hand wash?

Answer:    It is a washable gym glove. You can wash it with your hands.


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