Spocco Chest Expander

Chest Expander

  • It is excellent for building your chest muscles.
  • Also helps you in building upper body strength.
  • You can also increase the definition of shoulder and arm with it.
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • You can carry it with you and can do exercise anywhere.




Chest Expander

“Spocco Chest Expander Muscle pulling Exerciser Home & Gym Equipment for Men & women”

It can help you to develop upper back, arms, shoulder, and strengthen the chest, arm, and allow for a perfect full-body workout.


  • It is an adjustable equipment
  • And safe to use
  • Durable
  • You can stretch it as much you can because it has high elasticity
  • High handle load.
  • It has Detachable springs to adjust Resistance Levels.
  • Spring is made up of heavy-duty carbon steel.

Main Training Areas

  • Large chest
  • Upper Limb
  • Rectus

This equipment is just like a resistance band but the difference is that it is small in size as compare to it. You can also use this equipment like a resistance band.

These 2 equipment are considered as the best home equipment if you don’t use weight because you can do multiple exercises with this equipment.

The muscles which you can target with this equipment are:-

  • You can do a full chest workout
  • Arm workout like biceps curl.
  • You can also perform shoulder workout with this equipment

If a gym person doesn’t have weights he/she will only recommend this equipment for the out. And it is also recommended by the sportspersons for the indoor and field exercises.

It is the lightweight equipment so you can easily carry it with you as if you are going for a business trip and you don’t want to miss your workout so you carry it with you and can do your workout in the hotel.

You don’t need much space for performing the workout with the help of this equipment.

The steel springs are made of tough carbon steel that resists rusting and is able to withstand many years of prolonged use.

The handles are easy to grip and made off quality ABS plastic. It is ideal For beginners for advanced uses.


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