SR SUREADY Gym Gloves, for weightlifting workout with soft padding and wrist wrap support

  • Workout Gloves protect your hands fully.The WRIST SUPPORT can protect your arms from spraining.And the thickening FOAM PAD on the palm will buffer the impact of sport apparatus.Most of all,different from other general gloves,the palm of SIMARI Gloves are made of MICRO FIBER which will be not easy to be destroyed.
  • The Workout Gloves are more breathable .The back of hands are made of spandex fiber which is a light and breathable fabric.And the gloves use the BACKLESS design.So the gloves will keep your hands dry and comfortable.
  • EASY OFF – The 4 quick pull-tabs on the fingers help to pull them on and off. Convenient section of terry cloth on the back of each thumb to wipe your face during training or doing other exercises.
  • EXCELLENT CUSHION – The palm cushion which is padding in the right places provides extremely support and comfort, and protects your hands from getting callouses. The whole palm and fingers designed with premium silicone maintaining a firm grip.
  • Store: SR SUREADY is a American registered brand. We are not only provide high quality products, but also have best customer service for every customer from our store and always be ready to respond within a 24-hour time frame. 7-day guarantee, and lifetime support guarantee
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SR SUREADY Gym Gloves, for weightlifting workout with soft padding and wrist wrap support

As when you do weightlifting in gym some times because of sweat it is difficult to grip the bar. So it is important for the weightlifter to wear a Gym Gloves throug which they can grip the bar properly and reduce the risk of injury. You can search on internet there are many cases like will doing heavy lifting the bar get slip from hand and the injuries occur. Mainly it happen while doing chest press with the barbell. So we have bring the SR SUREADY Gym Gloves for your safety.

Product Information


Product description

These gloves are different from other gloves these gloves are made of spandex fiber which is better material. The SIMARI gloves have a lot of humanized design to improve the use of experience.

The material whic is used in gloves is Microfibre which has high wearability. There are lots of gloves made of mesh in the market, but it will be easy to destroy. SIMARI gloves is made of microfiber which can reduce the friction of the appliances to the user’s plam.

Spandex fiber can stretch to 4-7 times the original length, and recover rate is 100%.

  1. Sturdy wrists protection structure
  2. Reusable Velcro
  3. Towels on the thumb.
  4. Soft Sponge pads
  5. Breathable and lightweight
  6. Easy to put on and take off

Selection Guide 

  1. Measure the circxumference of your palm
  2. Compare your size of hand with the data of SIMARI Gloves
  3. Choose the nearest size

Tips of Cleaning

  1. Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry in the shade.
  2. If washed by machine, it is better to put the gloves into the laudry bagto reduce the likelihood of deformation.
  3. Never use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, and do not bask in the sun, because the material organistaion will be destroyed easily which will cause pilling, fabric loose and gloves deformation and so on.


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