YISSVIC Fitness Band, for men smart band waterproof

YISSVIC Fitness Band

  • YISSVIC wellness tracker pulse screen receives the most recent HR sensor for exact pulse observing persistently and naturally. You can see your pulse details and alter your way of life for better heart wellbeing
  • This wellness tracker can precisely record throughout the day exercise like advances, separation, calories consumed, dynamic minutes and rest status. Persistently and consequently tracks your rest term and consistency with the far-reaching investigation of rest quality information, helping you modify yourself for a more advantageous way of life
  • Multi-Sport Modes and Connected GPS 14 exercise modes in this shrewd band-assist you with bettering comprehend explicit movement information. Interface the GPS on your cellphone can show run details like pace and separation and record a guide of your exercise course
  • You can see calls and messages on your wrist. This wellness band can get call, schedule, SMS, and SNS (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ) warnings in plain view. You will never miss significant messages.
  • Our action tracker accompanies an implicit USB attachment and simple to accuse of any USB square and PC. No charging link and dock required. One single energize offers you 7 days of working time. With the IP68 waterproof level, our wellness tracker can be worn to swim or take a shower(not suit for Sauna). More advantageous than another wellness watch.


YISSVIC Fitness Band

Now track your activities with  YISSVIC Fitness Band

  • YISSVIC Fitness Band wellness tracker causes you to live a solid, healthy lifestyle by following you’re throughout the day action, exercise, rest, and weight.
  • It can uncover more about your wellbeing and your heart and track far more than steps.  
  • It additionally can comprehend your movement and lift your exercises and assist you with remaining associated with your day.

Features of the band

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Multi-Sport Tracking
  • APP messages Reminder
  • Remote Camera shooting
  • Alarm Reminder
  • Sedentary Alter
  • Color Screen
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Screen Brightness Adjustment.

Sports Tracking & Connected GPS

Track your nitty-gritty exercise information with 14 exercise modes. Associate with your advanced cell to follow GPS information, and appreciate more exact estimation of separation and pace.

 Rest tracking

A decent night’s rest encourages you to wake up genuinely invigorated and intellectually sharp. The wellness tracker records your rest consequently, estimating wake, light, and profound rest, and awakens you with a quiet vibrating alert.

Pulse Monitoring

The wellness tracker screens your constant pulse naturally. Resting pulse urges you to improve your heart wellbeing and pulse during practices encourages you to charge your activity force for better outcomes.

 Call and Message Notification

Interface the movement tracker to your PDA by means of  “VeryFitPro” application and get call and message notices to your tracker so you’re generally exceptional. 

Waterproof Rate

With the IP68 waterproof level, our wellness tracker can be worn to swim or wash up. More advantageous than different wellness watch.

Sweat-confirmation, downpour evidence, and residue verification. you can wear it when running in downpours, on the seashore, or washing hands.    

   Product Information

COMPATIBLE-WITHSmartphone, Desktops
INCLUDED COMPONENTS1x Smart Band, 1x user manual
SIZE9.4 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches
FEATURESHeart rate monitoring, sleep following, pedometer, connected GPS, calorie counter, 14 preparing Modes, APP messages, Update, Sedentary modify, call alert, alarm update, Remote camera shooting, brightness modification.


  • Please make sure that your mobile phone is Bluetooth 4.0 or above, IOS 7.0 or above. Our product is compatible with most phones. But however, some mobile still not compatible.
  • You can adjust the display brightness in the APP “VeryfitPro” and do not support adjust in the fitness band directly. Please note that you may not see the display clearly in strong sunlight.
  • If you need to receive message reminders on your watch all the time, you need to keep the phone Bluetooth open and the connection with the tracker. In this case, the battery will be consumed faster, and may only be used for 3 to 4 days. After all, the more features you use, the faster your battery will consume.
  • Please note that people with heavy body hair of the wrist, or covering the fitness tracker will slightly affect the accuracy of the data; after exercise sweating, will;l affect seriously. So please keep the fitness tracker dry, the body hair under the tracker can be appropriately removed.
  • Some products have charging problems, but this is only accidental. Please make sure that you already insert the end with the metal side to charge.
  • Our fitness tracker only can be used when swimming, but it doesn’t have swim mode.
  • our APP “veryfitpro” are very secure, you can search it in google play or apple store to download it directly in any app store. (it may have some problem so scan the QR code to download the PP, so we suggest search and download it in-app store.           


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